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At the beginning of business, will be the world's largest emerging market between China and the world's most developed countries the United States shipping agent, no non-vessel shipping service, logistics supply and the positioning for itself to the development of the service key. Over the years, with its professional, enthusiasm, and tiny, considerate service, received the masses of customers, trade and professional magazine's approval. To provide the best service to our customers. From the company was founded, we will promptly, economic and effective service as we meet customers transport demand commitment, "3 e" concept has become the motto of the company, has been scrupulously abide by all the members of company.


Bonded logistics park as the customs special supervision area, commonly known as "within the territory of the commissioner of", enjoy a series of special preferential policies, domestic goods into the park are regarded as exports. Can be carried out in the park international procurement, international transit, storage, distribution and distribution business. Ningbo bonded logistics park the tank storage co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of xinhua container specialized is engaged in the bonded logistics service enterprises. Company was established in April 2007, warehouse area of 6500 square meters, on processing 3000 tons of nearly 3000 kinds of specifications of the goods.
Bonded logistics park is located in ningbo convenience and efficiency of policy for the international logistics and trade industry, at present the whole park area of about 36000 square meters of warehouse has been occupied by a various sooners segmentation. The tank storage as ? successful operation of the early pioneers

In all kinds of logistics and customs clearance operation mode, especially 'small ark' team is international distribution logistics business success and pride. More than three thousand kinds of specifications, different packaging different size of the goods, the company developed by standard process under control and information systems, by picking, mixed loading, laminating machine, label, stick a label on goods, tray with a box, system export customs declaration data such as homework, in the logistics park to customs, under the strict supervision of accurate distribution to the final customer's container.

International buyers can place of directly in China to complete part of the original work in the consumer of logistics distribution, greatly improve the speed, greatly reduces the logistics cost of goods turnover.


Ningbo ark logistics, countries tank container transport co., LTD. Specializes in international container inland transportation team, was established in October 2007, the investment of 15 million yuan, 50 large horsepower heavy set card. Have an aptitude for transport of goods under customs control. Team set CARDS were put into the ark warehouse at ordinary times short barge transportation and xinhua container door transportation of VIP customers, unified scheduling, to ensure sufficient capacity. Team all CARDS are equipped with GPRS satellite locator, facilitate the dispatcher can understand vehicle running state; Motorcade pilot training, technology, carefully civilization is a worker. Company equipped with specialist with the ship company, yard, dock, packing factory, make sure to complete the business. Commissioned by the customer within the required time

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