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Buildings and facilities


High platform design, improve the working safety and efficiency of the discharge, canopy extension 12 meters, covering all the unloading operation area

The company covers an area of 130 mu, of which the warehouse area of 24000 square meters (four monomer), about 4000 teu container loading capacity/month; Yard area of 24000 square meters (empty container yard and &heavy container yard), about 6700 teu can pile of empty containers.

4700 teu empty space and 2000 teu &heavy grounds, cooperate with the warehouse withholding box and &heavy container storage

Warehouse is designed for packing and high platform, hydraulic discharge platform, packing area, the unloading area canopy cover. Of no. 2 warehouse and warehouse 4 each have 360 square meters of the site office, communications network complete, to provide customers in the workplace.

Design the platform using the facilities, enough support shipment peak capacity

Three-dimensional status and combined with the location, the whole large cargo with single ticket but small goods stacked, facilitate inventories and looking for the goods

Monomer building warehouse main parameters:
(a total of four monomer building)
Interior architecture: 100 x 60 = 100 m2
The unloading zone platform: 100 x 5 = 500 m2
The unloading zone canopy: 100 x 12 = 1200 m2
Waiting area of discharge: 15 x 60 = 900 m2
Packing area area: 18 = 100 x 1800 m2
Unloading area channel: 9 m wide (between the platform and the fence)
Storage area height: 9.5 meters
Hydraulic loading platform: eight

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