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Equipment and processes


Handling machinery:
Yard machinery:
Transport vehicles/special equipment and tools
Linde forward type 2 forklift trucks
Linde positive one
Sinotruk tip set truck 50 units
3 ton diesel forklift 4 units
Kom empty container stacking machine 2 sets
Push-pull machine, spinning machine, bucket of clip
Linde battery forklift 18 units
1 floor for tractor

Push and pull in the operation process is introduced
Out of consideration for cost, more and more foreign consignee consignor requirements using the skateboard paper instead of the tray transport goods, a thin layer of board paper can bear the weight of the same, and ordinary tray empty save for 12 cm for production, spraying and obviate the wooden pallet fumigation, inspection and provide the corresponding certificate of trouble.

Take Joe (la)
For shipper, entrust a specialized logistics warehouse offer coated board paper package, value-added services, each group and ordinary pallet size skateboard paper goods, materials and operation cost is equivalent to use only half of the normal tray.

Pallet packing, the tray is placed in the box
With high performance stability of Linde electric forklift truck equipped with world technology led the Cascade push-pull device, in the process of rapid neatly stacking, loading and unloading of, board paper and ground/won't produce the friction between the lower unitized cargo, fully meet the owner's improve the quality of transportation speed and cost savings.

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