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Service and guarantee


The warehouse service
  Packing and export, import devanning, storage and distribution
Value-added services
 Play Joe (wrap paper coated), bar code scanning, label (including bar code), stick a label, in packaging, sorting, weighing
Spare consumables
  To avoid, plastic tray, smoked so pallet, pallet fumigation, skateboard paper, wrap film (machine/manual), air bags, cartons, nylon rope, packing belt, steel wire rope, strapping tape, net.
Depot service
  Container depot, reconstruction of hanging suitcase, temporary depositary of empty containers &heavy weighing, and plug, XiuXiang cooler

Information control
  Check each operation process in the form of flow operation, loading information (controller) assign special personnel to take charge of the goods specified client and job information, keep and room exchange of information, convey implement customer's instruction.
IT power support
The first maintains the query service network, according to customers' requirements in a timely manner to adjust the web and data display, download function. The first realization of warehouse and yard business data sharing control, customer and goods related container status information at any time.
To provide value-added services
Equipped with professional skilled value-added services, ensure the labor day time distribution; One step ahead of the introduction of value-added service equipment and tools. First realize the warehouse and yard business service consumables inventory, do our best to meet the demand of customers the value-added services.
Its own fleet capacity safeguard
The cabinet has its own powerful team support and absolute guarantee capacity.
Perform in accordance with international industry standards such as c-tpat, TAPA security control system, using cutting-edge safety technology and equipment, to ensure safety.

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